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Veg Pulav

Simple, Aromatic And Fewer Mild Flavours Hurled With Rice And Vegetable Makes It So Yummy..!!


Veg Biryani

A Garden Fresh Veg Biryani, Bursting With Spices And Beautiful In Its Simplicity!


Iyengar Curd Rice

Butter flavoured, yummy, delectable and soothing dish that each one prefers. Indeed Succulent!!

Butter Dosa

India’s favourite dish – is a crisp, best combination with all veg and non-veg gravies.


Gobi Manchurian

This Super Dry Tantalizing Crisp Fried Appetizer Makes Its Own Uniqueness and Distinctiveness From all other dishes.


South Indian Meals

One Of the Most Balanced Meals In The Country Serving A Never-Ending Array Of Variants Of Dishes


Bisi Bele Bath

One Of The Mix Burst Of Popular Lentil And Rice Dish, Making it Highly Healthy And Flavourful.


Paneer Butter Masala

The close ideal mix of hotness and richness of its sauce makes it irresistible and versatile